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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is aerial safe?

Aerial is a high risk activity, all students should thoroughly read risks involved with aerial.

We take safety very serious at SRB Aerial Arts, all equipment is rated 2500lbs + and 8 inch crash mats are used.  Students should never practice aerial without a mat or without supervision. We teach students aerial safety and proper technique to safely execute moves. Teachers are highly qualified, certified and trained to safely spot students. With all safety precautions in mind, students should always be aware of body during practice and should stop if they are injured, tired, dizzy or unable to continue. Common minor injuries caused by aerial are skin abrasions, fabric burns, bruising, pinching, pulled or strained muscles. Other injuries could include and are not limited to sprains, separations, fractures, broken bones, head injuries, full or partial paralysis or fatality. Students agree to participate at their own risk. 

Is there a weight limit?

No, all of our equipment is rated 2500lbs + 

What should I wear?

For aerial classes, tighter fitting fitness attire is suggested, something that covers the backs of the knees and the torso. Proper attire helps avoid skin abrasions that could be caused by the fabrics.

NO JEWELRY of any kind can be worn, it can damage the equipment. Shoes and socks will be removed prior to class starting. No lotion or heavy makeup should be worn.

For pole classes we suggest shorts and a sports bra, pole is dependent on points of skin contact.

How many people are in group classes?

We allow 6-8 people per group class, depending on what apparatus is being taught. Typically 1-2 people per apparatus depending on class size that day. 

Private 1 on 1, or semi-private sessions are available upon request and may be booked around regularly scheduled

group classes.

Do you host private parties?

Yes, we offer private parties around our regularly scheduled classes. For groups with 6+ people for birthdays, group outings, youth groups, girls nights, bachelorette parties & more. Parties must be booked in advance, the further in advance you book the better. We require a non-refundable booking deposit to secure your spot on our very busy schedule. Must submit a booking request form here.

Do you have beginner classes?

Yes, we offer intro classes weekly for adult aerial silks, kids aerial silks, Kangoo jump boot fitness, flexibility & pole fitness. Please read our page designed for new student info here.

I have experience in aerial, what level do I take?

All level pre-requisites for students with experience are listed in our member schedule app. If you are a new student and need to reserve a higher level class, please message us using our contact page

Is this like aerial yoga?

No, we do not offer aerial yoga classes. No our aerial classes are not similar to aerial yoga, which is done on different hammocks, that are closer to the ground. Aerial classes have a much higher risk factor and require large mats.

How far in advance should I book?

You should book as far in advance as possible for any private bookings. Our group class schedules are live and you cannot schedule over 10 days in advance. To book in advance please fill out a contact form or a booking for found here.

How do I move up in class level?

Student must meet a specific criteria to level up in an apparatus. We believe that proper strength and technique is extremely important to safely execute inversion moves, wraps, drops and certain poses. Student must be invited to higher level class prior to attending it.

How often do I need to come to get better faster?

Everyone learns at their own pace but for beginners eager to learn fast, we suggest you come as often as your body will allow you to train, safely. Everyone should take rest days and we do not suggest you come more that 1 aerial class per day. We have unlimited memberships and class packages. 

Common aerial misconceptions -

You do not need to already be physically fit, you do not need to be flexible, you do not need upper body strength to start!

Aerial is for every BODY, classes are designed for all fitness levels and for you to move at your own pace! Aerial is a very fun, challenging and rewarding form of exercise, that will get your upper body and core in amazing shape with conditioning and practice.

You do not have to be coordinated.

Aerial arts will actually help your coordination, challenging you to use your mind and body together to execute wraps and moves. Some aerialists are blessed with grace in the air, but are clumsy on the ground! 

You do not need to have any background in dance, gymnastics or any other sport/activity. 

Although having a background can be useful, you do not need any background to be successful in aerial. Aerial has a completely unique skillset that challenges everyone in a different way at their own pace.

The TRUTH you should know about aerial training

Aerial is HARD

Aerial is a very challenging, difficult, and rewarding activity. Going into aerial training you should have a mind set to work hard and that it will be a difficult activity. Everyone is different and people work at different paces, some people move faster than others, some people have different backgrounds, or start at different fitness levels. You should remember to work at your own pace, and that your journey may be different than others.

Progress takes consistency 

Aerial training takes consistency, practice makes progress. If you want to move faster in aerial training you may decide to come multiple times per week. Just like any other activity, the more you do it, the faster you get better, build muscle memory, and the faster you see results. You should have a goal in mind when you begin your journey, this will help you determine your own level of commitment and consistency. We suggest students try to attend 1 class weekly minimum to see progress and results. Breaks are natural, long breaks can cause degression.


Don't give up

You might not be able to do something today or immediately but know you WILL do it eventually. Keep trying, don't give up.

Do not compare yourself to others

Your aerial journey is likely to look a lot different than someone else. You may be training in the same space as someone who has been doing aerial for 10 months, or 10 years. For example, our instructors all have 8-10 years of experience. Remember everyone began as a beginner too. You should never be intimidated by another persons journey, you can reach this yourself with hard work and dedication.

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