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All Class Offerings


Adult Aerial Silks 

Intro through advanced level classes


Silk is a fabric apparatus hung from the ceiling that forms two long tails, students learn how to climb, spin, invert and do other acrobatic tricks in the air.


Flexibility / Contortion


Flexibility classes for students of all flexibility levels. For students looking to gain more overall general flexibility, students with a goal to nail their splits, an already flexible student looking to push training to the next level, or a student looking to start contortion level training.


Aerial Lyra

Beginner trough advanced levels

Lyra is a bar apparatus hoop that is suspended in the air; students learn how to do poses and tricks inside and outside of the hoop.


Sexy Low Flow Aerial & Chair Dance

Sexy Sunday late night low flow classes. Apparatus varies from chair to low flow sling and silk, contact us for weekly curriculum. 


Kids Aerial Silks & Lyra

Intro through advanced level classes for kids 8-12 & 10-16. 


Kangoo Jump Fitness


Kangoo Jump fitness class is a cardio class using low impact rebound jump boots. In this fun fitness class you will get an amazing workout while learning dance steps combined with jump fitness. Space limited, boot size must be reserved.

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Aerial Rope

Intermediate Class

Also know as corde lisse, rope is a vertical hung rope with a smooth cover. This class is designed for students in Level 2 silks class, you must be able to climb well and invert.


Flow Arts Classes & Events

Flow arts classes and open gym flow nights to explore flow props. Flow Friday nights we turn the blacklight on, we suggest attendees wear neon/ blacklight reactive clothing.

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Pole Dance /  Fitness

Intro/Beginner through advanced level Classes.

Pole fitness is another challenging form or aerial, students learn to twirl, climb, dance and do poses on a 10-foot spinning pole. This is a pole fitness focused class with award winning instructor Mila Strelets. 


Aerial Sling

Beginner through advanced levels


Sling is also a fabric apparatus but is hung like a hammock from a single point. Students learn various poses and tricks inside the closed and open hammock.


Static Trapeze

Beginner trough advanced levels

Static trapeze is a bar apparatus suspended from two ropes. Students use ropes and bar to manipulate body into various shapes and poses. 


Emerald Coast Burn Club

Fire flow nights held on weather appropriate nights for fire safety certified performers & enthusiasts to burn in a safe area with other safety certified performers. We host beginner fire workshops a few times per year. Beginners interested in fire manipulation should take FAI safety course and should take flow arts classes to gain confidence. Students with safety course certification may join us for fire night gatherings.

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