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Upgrading your countertops not only transforms your kitchen’s design, but also boosts your home value. According to HomeAdvisor, upgraded countertops can return 25% of their cost in your home value. Real estate agent Stacey Glenn, : who sells 21% more homes than the average real estate agent in her market, recommends steering clear of loud or trendy styles. “Natural stone , in a neutral color is timeless,” she says. We have only had this kitchen for a short time, but we have already enjoyed making so many memories in it! It has really changed my attitude about cooking and preparing meals for our family, and we are going to be able to stay in this home that we love for many more years because of it. Regardless of how you found your way to this page, I guarantee you are suffering from sticker shock. I know I did when I entered this industry ten years ago, and my father still quotes projects as if we are in the 90s. Today, the average kitchen remodel in the DC metro area costs anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000. Thats the average kitchen, not the tricked out two island kitchens with a 608243 range and a wall of Sub-Zero fridges. Im talking about the average kitchen that your neighbor just put in down the street.average cost of galley kitchen remodelThere is one publication that does a proper job of explaining the budget: Remodel Magazines Cost versus Value Report. Google Remodel Magazine Cost versus Value, or click on the link. In this report, you can search by location and by room. For 2021, in OKC, they , show that a major kitchen remodel, in the midrange category, is , $71,723 up from $52,959 in 2015. They further explain that Major does not mean replacing everything with super high-end items, it means removing and replacing the entire kitchen with medium-grade components. This means Semi-custom cabinetry, Formica style countertops, and vinyl Flooring, along with appliances and other items shown in the list. Basic Kitchen Remodel Expected Cost Range. 1021510 Kitchen Remodel Cost 8211 How To Calculate A Small Kitchen Remodel Cost 8211 YouTube. 162016 For a no-holds-barred luxury kitchen in a large space expect to pay more than 75000.calculate cost of kitchen remodelA self-employed carpenter is a one-person show and can carry out most of the project solo. For a remodel with no structural changes, solo contractors may provide more flexible scheduling at a lower price, , but you must often spend time sourcing materials yourself and the quality is not always guaranteed. Alternatively, a full-service contractor has a team of specialists from designers to supervisors. Hiring a team means higher prices to cover staff salaries, but more specialization and attention to detail. Some homeowners prefer this type of contractor because they can complete larger projects, provide comprehensive estimates and guarantee quality. Beautiful finishes and a smart, user-friendly design are equally important when it comes to this gathering space. Is it time for a kitchen update in your home? If so, you’re probably wondering how much does it cost to renovate your kitchen. Like any home renovation project, there’s a wide variation when it comes to a kitchen remodel cost. """"""""


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